Freelance UX Design in Berlin

Hi, I’m Ina – freelance Senior UX Designer based in Berlin.

I’m passionate about UX Design and Product Design and I happily support you and your team in creating optimal digital experiences for your customers.

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User Experience

UX (User Experience) Design is about the design of digital products like websites or apps with the objective that they don’t just look good and work well technically, but are easy to use, helpful and entertaining at the same time – in short, that they provide a positive user experience.

My strengths as a Senior UX Designer lie mostly in the design of complex websites, products and digital services that have a lot of loose ends that need to be held and tied up. I love the challenge to work on such projects in a way that – despite any complexity – they turn out to be easy as well as a joy to use. I support you in merging your business goals with the needs of your target audience – for long-term success and happy customers.

My Services

UX Design

  • Design of pages/screens, modules and templates
  • Wireframing and lo-fi prototyping
  • Navigational structures and process/user flows
  • Strategic concepts
  • Specification/documentation


  • UX writing / microcopy
  • Conversational design
  • Copywriting
  • Content inventory/audit and subsequent content organisation


  • Development of personasuse cases and user journeys
  • Set-up, conduct and/or evaluation of user tests, e.g. card sorting, A/B testing or interviews
  • Requirement analyses
  • Competitor analyses

Industry Experience

Automotive / Healthcare / Tourism / Tech / Real Estate


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