Collaborative and Multinational Intranet

UX Design / User Research

Over the span of five months I was in charge of the complete UX redesign of a large, international company’s intranet as the agency’s Senior UX Designer. The new intranet focused on modern principles like user-centered design, community features, collaborative working, multilingual abilities and personalization/individualization; all without neglecting the traditional purposes of an intranet, like the provision of information and resources.

Part of this project was an online card sorting to help determine the ideal navigational structure – which I carried through, planned and analyzed – as well as the setup and expansion of a module library.

I spent almost the whole length of this project commuting weekly between Berlin and Frankfurt and worked as part of the team on-site in Frankfurt as well as remotely from Berlin. In the meantime I consistently was in touch with the client, either in on-site meetings at the company’s HQ or via conference calls.

Agency: SinnerSchrader, Frankfurt/Main


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