Campsite Channel Manager

Campsite Channel Manager for

Product Design / UX Design / Usability Testing

I was hired by Berlin start-up Max Camping (now as the responsible UX Designer for the development of their core product – a channel manager for campsite owners including a white-label checkout for guests.

The channel manager’s admin area in which the owners can set their campsite’s seasons.

Within a very ambitious timeframe I designed both tools from scratch, so that only three months after this project’s start we managed to launch a thought-out and well-working product. This was due to the small team’s high competence as well as the efficient, agile process that we used.

What was challenging during the design process was that the highly individual needs of the campsite owners – re: main/low seasons, pitch categories or prices per person – had to be incorporated into the UI. At the same time the product had to be easily and intuitively operable and consider all dependencies of pricing right from first use, for example, that to define your prices per person you need to first set your individual seasons and pitch categories.

Prices can be set individually per guest category, pitch category and season.
White-label checkout for guests to book their campsite pitch online.

Highly Professional

Working with Ina was highly professional and she could most of all convince us through her strong analytical abilities and an extraordinary attention to detail. Ina also impressed us with how fast and thoroughly she handled our assignments. Ina’s communication and collaboration with the rest of the team were absolutely uncomplicated due to her strong interpersonal skills. We were very pleased with Ina’s work and are happy to recommend her without reservation.

Maximilian Möhrle


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