Integration of Availability Service

Integration of Availability Service into Portal

Product Design / UX Design / User Research

I was hired by Berlin travel startup to visually and functionally integrate an availability service into their portal’s user interface. This service makes it possible for users to search for real-time availabilities on listed camping sites.

The updated search on the front page

For the successful integration of the availability service, several things had to be considered:

  • The search needed to be updated to include factors like travel dates, accommodation type and number of guests. It also had to work with existing filters on the search result page.
  • The listings of the search results page needed to show the camping sites’ availabilities while staying easy to scan for users. Availabilities also had to be displayed on map view.
  • The sorting logic of search results had to incorporate that there might be campsites listed that don’t communicate their availabilities at all, and also that there might be campsites that have paid for premium listing which needs to be taken into account.
  • On detail pages, all available accommodations of a campsite needed to be displayed, including a “Book now” button.
Display of real-time availabilities on the search results page

My tasks were:

  • Updating the search on front page and search results page (both list and map view)
  • Adding availabilities to listings on the search results page with all relevant information (also both for list and map view)
  • Generally optimising design of listings
  • Creating a logic for the automatic sorting of search results whenever a user starts a search for availabilities
  • Integrating all available accommodations on a campsite detail page, including an automatically generated detailed description of each accommodation
  • Wireframing based on UI design
  • Detailed specification of all features and functionalities in Confluence
  • Preparing and analysing a Hotjar user survey re: search for availabilities
Available accommodations on a campsite’s detail page

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